9. April 2019

Strategic partnership with Lindner

The Munich-based ligh­t­ing tech­no­logy com­pany Ambright enters into a stra­te­gic part­nership with the Lind­ner Group, Arnstorf, and secu­res seven-figure finan­cing for the imple­men­ta­tion of its ambi­tious growth plans.

4. Febru­ary 2019

Alexander von Schweinitz strengthens the management team

Since Janu­ary 2019, Alex­an­der von Schwe­i­nitz has joi­ned the manage­ment team of the Munich-based tech­no­logy com­pany Ambright. The expe­ri­en­ced mana­ger is now respon­si­ble for the tasks of com­mer­cial mana­ging direc­tor.

22. Janu­ary 2019

Review Long Night of Architecture 2019

Over 200 light-enthu­­si­astic visi­tors came to us at the Long Night of Archi­tec­ture on 18 Janu­ary 2019. In our rooms they expe­ri­en­ced the aes­the­tics of inno­va­tive ligh­t­ing tech­no­logy and wit­nessed our fasci­na­tion for light.

21. Sep­tem­ber 2018

Save the date – Experience „light printing“ on 29.10.2018

This year, Ambright is once again invi­t­ing all inte­rested par­ties to the show­room as part of the Munich Light Week. On 29 Octo­ber 2018 from 4:00 pm it’s time again: Come by and find out ever­ything there is to know about light prin­ting!

8. Octo­ber 2018

Best of Best at Iconic Architecture Award 2018

We are delighted to receive the „ICONIC AWARD 2018: Inno­va­tive Archi­tec­ture – Best of Best“ in the cate­gory Pro­duct for the pro­duct design and the archi­tec­tu­ral sta­ging „Dis­rup­tive Ligh­t­ing“ at Light & Buil­ding 2018.

21. Sep­tem­ber 2018

Ambright at the Light+Building 2018

Inven­tiveness, inno­va­tion and inspi­ra­tion: Light+Building 2018 is over and we would like to thank all visi­tors and dis­cus­sion part­ners.

21. Sep­tem­ber 2018

Disruptive Lighting – Booth concept for Light+Building 2018

Ambright will be pre­sent with a uni­que light instal­la­tion at Light+Building 2018 in Frank­furt.

13. Novem­ber 2017

Ambright wins Luxi Award 2017

Munich, 13.11.2017 With „LUXI – the LICHT Prize“, the trade jour­nal LICHT awards pri­zes for par­ti­cu­larly inspi­ring works that serve the pur­pose of sci­en­ti­fic trans­fer or rep­re­sent new tech­no­lo­gies and…
25. Sep­tem­ber 2017

Save the date – Experience „light printing“ on 02.11.2017

Munich, 25.09.2017 As part of the Munich Light Week, Ambright wel­co­mes all inte­rested par­ties to the show­room on Novem­ber 2, 2017 from 4:00 pm. Expe­ri­ence LED’s create tech­no­logy up close!…
10. Novem­ber 2017

Ambright at the Lichtwoche 2017

Ambright at the Licht­wo­che 2017 Munich, 10.11.2017 Expe­ri­ence light pres­sure! That was the motto of our event on 02.11.2017 during the 3rd Licht­wo­che in Munich. Our guests got an insight…
30. June 2017

Ambright wins German Brand Award 2017

Ber­lin, 29.06.2017 After recei­ving the Ger­man Design Award 2017 for Ambright’s rede­sign, yes­ter­day we were awar­ded the Ger­man Brand Award 2017 in the cate­gory „Excel­lence in Brand Manage­ment, Stra­tegy &
2. June 2017

Ambright – Quality according to plan

Munich, 02.06.2017 As a tech­no­lo­gi­cally lea­ding com­pany, Ambright GmbH always con­vin­ces with inno­va­tive pro­ducts accord­ing to the hig­hest design and qua­lity stan­dards. Howe­ver, it is not only the pro­ducts them­sel­ves…
4. June 2017

Award at the Corporate Design Preis 2017

Munich, 04.07.2017 The rain of pri­ces con­ti­nues. Tog­e­ther with Ele­vate, we look for­ward to recei­ving the Cor­po­rate Design Preis 2017 in the rede­sign cate­gory – and to fur­ther suc­cess­ful pro­jects…
15. Decem­ber 2016

Liquid Lighting Showroom

Munich, 05.12.2016 In our show­room in Munich, we make the medium of light a new expe­ri­ence for you. Let a wave of light accom­pany you through our rooms in the…
1. Janu­ary 2017

Long Night of Architecture

Long Night of Archi­tec­ture 2017 Munich, 20.01.2017 On Janu­ary 20, 2017, Ambright ope­ned its doors for the LNdA (Lange Nacht der Archi­tek­tur) 2017 and gave an insight into the design,…
24. Octo­ber 2016

Winner of the German Design Award 2017

Munich, 24.10.2016 And won! As of today, it is clear that Ambright GmbH will receive the Ger­man Design Award 2017 will receive the Ger­man Design Award 2017 in the Spe­cial…
21. Febru­ary 2016

Ambright wins iF Design Award 2016

Munich, 26.02.2016 Fasci­na­tion = tech­no­logy + design. The new LED’s create tech­no­logy is the win­ner of the iF Design Award in the disci­pline Com­mu­ni­ca­tion 2016. „We are proud win­ners of the award. We…
Ambright Corporate Design Bildzeichen News
31. August 2016

Ambright with new brand identity

Munich, 21.11.2016 Clear, inno­va­tive, custo­­mer-ori­en­­ted. The new cor­po­rate design shows Ambright’s range of ser­vices at a glance. Deve­lop­ment focu­sed on repo­si­tio­ning the com­pany as a tech­­no­­logy-lea­­ding com­pany for inte­rest groups…
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