A tech­no­lo­gi­cally new type of lumin­aire was deve­lo­ped for the illu­mi­na­tion of an MRI tun­nel. The limi­ted choice of mate­ri­als due to the elec­tro­ma­gne­tic situa­tion and the limi­ted and frag­men­ted instal­la­tion space made an unusual tech­no­lo­gi­cal com­bi­na­tion necessary. Through light cal­cu­la­tion and simu­la­tion and sub­se­quent opti­mi­za­tion on pro­to­ty­pes, extre­mely homo­ge­ne­ous tun­nel ligh­t­ing could be achie­ved and thus a pre­viously unat­tai­ned ful­filment of requi­re­ments could be achie­ved.

Pro­ject over­view

Disruptive Lighting

We have deve­lo­ped a ligh­t­ing instal­la­tion that demons­tra­tes the crea­tive poten­tial of our LED’s create tech­no­logy. To this end, we have exten­ded the exis­ting limits of con­ven­tio­nal ligh­t­ing design.

LexCom information systems

For the rede­sign of the foyer of a Munich-based soft­ware com­pany, SparkS­hape lumin­aires were desi­gned in coope­ra­tion with the ligh­t­ing design office Engel­hardt.

SparkShape in shopfitting

As part of the rede­sign of a sales area, a sepa­rate lumin­aire for an exclu­sive fashion label was desi­gned in a trendy shop­ping loca­tion.

lighting the digital age
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