Visual Control and Software

Control & Software

The combination of electronics, software and user interface creates a unique lighting experience that convinces, enhances and fascinates.

Connections / Interfaces

According to your requirements we implement suitable communication interfaces in hardware and software.

Lighting Experience

Intuitive operability and interaction with the medium of light, for example through gesture control, allows us to experience light in a new way and offers numerous possibilities for staging.


With our software department we provide the software and firmware for complex lighting applications and ensure integration at product and manufacturing level.

core competencies

For your powerful and efficient lighting system, optimally selected and dimensioned drivers are essential. Flicker-free, infinitely dimmable, multi-channel or multi-coloured and cost-efficient are some of the attributes we are happy to offer you for your LED electronics.

Sensor technology

At the heart of the efforts for intelligent systems and AI stands a resilient data pool that enables automated decisions. We are happy to integrate the right sensors for your desired application.


Each microcontroller application requires an application-specific firmware that contains the required system intelligence. Our experts bring your hardware to life for you, so that you can exploit the full potential of intelligent light.

App development

Graphical user interfaces on mobile devices provide an elegant control interface for applications. In addition to the variety of design options, the availability of suitable hardware is a decisive advantage.

GUI / HMI Interface

Mobile apps, mechanical buttons, touch sensors, image recognition, rotary knobs – the range of user interfaces is huge. We design and develop with you the appropriate system for your individual application to create a unique user experience.


Our team bundles the know-how to develop software on various systems and platforms. Whether bus connections, database application or GUI, we implement your application logic to make your software unique.

Touch interface

The interface leaves a lasting impression on the user of the overall system. Capacitive or optical sensor technology can be used to create a modern user experience that inspires and offers a variety of technical advantages.

Smart Lighting

Your idea combined with our core competencies – that’s how Smart Lighting is created. A networked system of sensors, artificial intelligence and flexibly controllable luminaires enables lighting applications with next-generation wow effects.

Interfaces and data protocols

Networked systems offer a high synergy potential, which fortunately is being increasingly exploited. Whether CAN Bus, Ethernet, TCP/IP based, DMX or completely proprietary – we develop the appropriate connections in hardware and software to integrate our components seamlessly into your system.

Image recognition

The use of camera technology in combination with self-learning algorithms ensures a high level of environmental awareness of the system and therefore a particularly intelligent behaviour of your product.