Visual Lighting Simulation

Lighting Simulation

In the development process, software and experienced engineers work hand in hand to design lighting applications from components to rooms.

Lighting Configuration

Through early simulation and measurements in our optics laboratory you can be sure that the result will meet your expectations before the first prototype is created.

Lighting Planning

We support you in the development of your individual lighting concept with lighting calculations which take all parameters of your requirements into account.

Product Quality

Comprehensive thermal and optical simulations are part of our development process and ensure sustainable product quality.

core competencies
Lighting design

A luminaire that is optimally adapted to the application saves you costs in procurement and also in operation. Last but not least, it enables you to work efficiently and ergonomically and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Thermal layout

The service life of all electronic components, especially of LEDs, depends largely on the operating temperature. A good thermal design ensures long life and reliable operation of your lighting.

Light planning

Homogeneous and accentuated, direct and indirect light requires a skillful use and dosage to enable ergonomics and well-being. Our engineers would be glad to support you in design and luminaire selection.

Punctual and planar light

For your creative vision we support you with technologically modern implementation. We offer you technologies for punctual, linear or planar light and bring your vision into reality.

Definition of requirement profiles

Clear specifications in the lighting design provide you with early clarity about the later effect and quality of your product. We maintain a close dialogue with project planners, architects and engineers in order to reach a common understanding and a convincing result.

Glare control

Good glare control ensures that the light reaches where it is needed and that the human eye is not irritated by unwanted radiation.

Light calculation in the room

Sensible light distribution in the room ensures well-being and is also anchored in the area of workplaces. With the help of solid figures, we provide you with the necessary basis for making decisions for optimal lighting design.

Colour and light measurement technology

In our in-house lighting laboratory we measure various aspects of lighting components and thus ensure transparency in design- and specification-processes when planning your application.