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Visual Optics Design

Optics Design

Excellent light requires special optics in order to couple out glare-free and efficiently. We will find the ideal combination of LED and optics for your requirements.

Optics Expertice

Our strength lies in the combination of in-house optics development and the use of the latest materials and optics available on the market.

Light Control

Through early simulation and measurements in our optics laboratory, we match primary and secondary optics to refract, focus or direct light for your product.

Optics Production

On request, we can integrate your individual optics including electronics and housing to form a complete finished component.

core competencies
Glare suppression

Good glare control ensures that the light reaches where it is needed and that the human eye is not irritated by unwanted radiation. We take this aspect into account in all projects during the lighting calculation.

Simulation and Ray Tracing

The availability of ever higher computing power now enables very precise photometric models. This ensures a harmonious overall effect and offers planning reliability for all parties involved.

Layout of lens geometry

In addition to reflectors, lenses are a central tool for light control. We have access to a broad, market-oriented portfolio and, if necessary, develop individual lenses to meet special requirements.

Radiation characterization

In our measurement laboratory we can carry out a wide range of optical measurements in order to characterize luminaires or other optical components in their spectral and spatial radiation behaviour and to adapt them to your requirements.

Homogeneous illumination

Even in difficult geometric environments, space-saving lighting technologies enable us to create homogeneous illumination for your application.

Punctual and planar light

We offer you technologies for punctual, linear or planar light. Through our technologically modern implementation we enable you to realize your creative visions.

Homogeneous colour mixing

RGB emitters or other composite LEDs are often used for additive color mixing, whose local deviation can lead to color shadows in the projection. We master the necessary optical treatment for homogeneous colour reproduction.