Visual Electronics


No light without electronics. Whether light drivers, bus connection or sensor technology – our engineers implement the appropriate electronics according to your requirements.


Together with you we define the requirement profiles and provide ideas for efficient implementation.

Circuit Development

Circuits and layouts are developed under consideration of the latest component technologies and sophisticated thermal management.

Electronics Production

We are happy to take over the entire production process from the PCBA to the finished product.

Core competencies
LED Drivers

For your powerful and efficient lighting system, optimally selected and dimensioned drivers are essential. Flicker-free, infinitely dimmable, multi-channel or multi-coloured and cost-efficient are some of the attributes we are happy to offer you for your LED electronics.

Sensor technology

The basis for intelligent systems is a resilient data pool that enables automated decisions. We will gladly integrate the right sensors for your desired application.

Predictive monitoring

You can service and replace your devices before they become defective. Our intelligent monitoring systems automatically detect the right time and you can react before it is too late.

Switching / Dimming / Control

We implement the solution for your control or regulation task individually according to your requirements in hardware and firmware. We take efficiency, economy, service life and other basic conditions into account.

Firmware development

For our computer- or microprocessor-based systems we develop customized firm- or software. You benefit from a well-rehearsed team, which combines the required hard- and software to a reliable unit.

Data transmission and protocols

Every individual environment requires the right transmission technology - whether by cable or wireless. We are experienced in dealing with various transmission standards and, if required, we can integrate our components seamlessly into your proprietary system.

Touch interface

The interface leaves a lasting impression on the user of the overall system. Capacitive or optical sensor technology can be used to create a modern user experience that inspires and offers a variety of technical advantages.

LED Displays

Compared to TFT or OLED displays, LED displays offer enormous brightness with maximum contrast and many other advantages for your application. For special requirements, this type of LED electronics is therefore the optimum.


Modern technologies offer enormous potential for miniaturisation of electronic and lighting components.