Visual OEM-Lighting Solutions

OEM-Lighting Solutions

From signaling to functional lighting we see light and all its purposes as part of your product. Diverse capabilities for control and interaction bring your product to life.

Inventive Spirit

As a supplier of ideas we are happy to support you from an early stage on to make your product shine.

System Integration

In close cooperation with your development department we integrate our lighting components seamlessly into your system.

Made in Germany

With qualified employees and certified processes we are production partners from mock-up to series production and integrate seamlessly into your production processes.

Core Competencies
Fibre optics and planar light

Light conductors offer a wide range of possibilities for displaying light over a large area and directing it according to customer requirements under demanding geometric or electromagnetic conditions. Individually calculated output densities enable homogeneous brightness curves.

Homogeneous lighting

Even in difficult geometric environments, space-saving lighting technologies enable us to create homogeneous lighting for your application.

Manufacturing process

We accompany you from the development to the finished serial product. Depending on requirements and volume, we offer manufacturing capacities for partial or complete solutions – from one source and with the support of a proven partner network.

Haptics and materiality

Materials and haptics play a major role in product perception. We draw on a wide range of experience in materials and their processing to achieve your desired results.

Development and construction

Our multidisciplinary development team will find a holistic solution according to your specifications. In doing so, we pay attention to the relevant basic conditions such as mechanical and electrical interfaces, as well as data interface, economic efficiency and, if desired, certifications. We bring your visions to reality. 

Material definition

Today's market offers a variety of materials and components. We understand how to orchestrate the possibilities and carefully select suitable materials, especially with regard to fire protection, EMC, thermal conditions and haptics.


A functional prototype is usually the best basis for assessing a lighting solution. For reasons of cost or time, a simulation can be used as a basis for making sound decisions during the design process. We will be happy to advise you and support you with suitable simulations if required.

Homogeneous colour mixing

RGB emitters or other composite LEDs are often used for additive color mixing, whose local deviation can lead to color shadows in the projection. We master the necessary optical treatment for homogeneous colour reproduction.

Secondary optics

Secondary optics are used in many applications to achieve the desired light control. Depending on requirements, we use commercially available optics or develop customer-specific solutions.

Light in and out coupling

Besides emitters and secondary optics, a lot of potential can be lost or gained in the interfaces. We always pay attention to the optimization of the overall system and a consistent, integrated system design.