Visual Sensor Technology

Sensor Technology

The next evolutionary stage of smart lighting solutions continually adapts to its environment. The interaction of light and environment offers a high degree of user comfort and efficiency.


Depending on the application we select the suitable sensor technology, starting from touch-sensitive surfaces using capacitive sensor technology to server-based image recognition.

Digital Competence

Lighting solutions in the digital age are characterised by the interaction with intelligent sensor technology. The obtained data offers great potential for new lighting applications, staging or even business ideas.


Predictive monitoring of various parameters during operation prevents failures systematically and enables extended monitoring functions in the system context.

core competencies
Parameter monitoring during operation

Continuous, automated parameter monitoring enables an increase in efficiency, reliability and user comfort throughout the entire lighting system. Early implementation enables you to achieve a long-term cost advantage.

Distance Measurement

Distance sensor technology enables intelligent lighting control in terms of energy saving and increased comfort, but also makes impressive staging possible.

Luminaire control through image processing

Through intelligent algorithms in combination with the use of camera technology, your application system reaches a new level of artificial intelligence.

Light operation and control

In intelligent systems, the control of the light can be implemented via different channels or operating units as well as monitoring of various parameters. Conclusions on the expected service life or system-wide monitoring become possible.

Touch and Gesture Control

Touch and gesture control enables intuitive and fascinating user interfaces for your products or applications.

Camera Systems

Intelligent image recognition can only draw on the potential offered by sensor technology. The choice of the camera technology that is suitable for the specific application is therefore essential. We support you in choosing the right technology for your application.

Database connection

Big-Data is based on the combination of sophisticated database systems and their individual use. We develop the appropriate interfaces in hardware and software for you to use your data in a forward-looking and profitable way.


Modern technologies offer enormous potential for the miniaturisation of electronic and lighting components.