Visual Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting

Concentration, relaxation and productivity – by adjusting brightness and light spectrum according to the time of day, we enable applications that support to the natural biorhythm.

Product Development

As a partner of leading research institutions we support forward-looking research and incorporate the results into our technology portfolio.

Workplace of the Future

Not only variations in brightness and color temperature, but also the modulation of different light sources in the room contribute to a motivating and pleasant working environment.


We implement the necessary interfaces for interaction with the building management system and develop and produce suitable lighting systems.

core competencies
HCL Product Development

The influence of light on the human organism and the achievement of the corresponding effects are among our core competencies. The growing demand in this field also shows that HCL has become a natural part of numerous products and rooms.

Interface connection to the building

Through building-wide automation, the full potential of biodynamic lighting can be exploited. We integrate the appropriate interfaces of various systems such as DALI, KNX, Ethernet, DMX and many more.

Light modulation

Due to subtle and subconsciously perceived modulation, moving light can have a scientifically proven, stimulating effect on humans. We offer you the appropriate systems in hardware and software.

Adjustable colour temperature

Biodynamics is mostly based on adjustable colour temperatures and intensities. They give the limbic system a natural rhythm, especially in workplace lighting, such as office or production environments – independent of sunlight.