SOMATOM Perspective

Prototype to series production

Since 1992 Siemens has been selling and developing large-scale medical devices from a branch in Shanghai. In close cooperation with Siemens Shanghai Medical Equipment, Ambright developed a special luminaire called Ambient Mood Light which gets mounted on the outside of the SOMATOM Perspective, from mock-ups to functional prototypes to start of serial production in just 3 months. In the final development phase, Ambright was able to come out on top of three competitors with the best concept and prototypes. The specification demanded a 3D-shaped luminous panel at a height of only 12 mm which had to fit into the geomentry of the given housing. Besides homogeneous illumination, it was neccessary to consider medical device requirements. In addition to production-related challenges like 5‑axis machining including printing, it was also necessary to design the complementary driver electronics processing the existing special command set of the computer tomograph. For the strict requirements of the US market a special UL94-V0 compatible housing solution was developed. After completion of the development Ambright was charged with the series production. After assembly in compliance with strict quality regulations a final acceptance test is performed before the components are shipped to locations in Germany and Asia in specially designed containers.

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