Zeithaus Autostadt

In order to implement the architecturally sophisticated concept of a special exhibition in the Time House of the Autostadt Wolfsburg, additional luminaires had to be installed without interfering with the existing and partially mirrored ceiling construction. The customer placed particular emphasis on avoiding unwanted reflections in the high-gloss paints of the cars on display. Having weighed up existing technologies, we have developed our own special luminaires, which combine the individual LEDs of the luminaire into a continuous line thanks to a specially shaped optic with a high degree of optical efficiency. The choice was made for LEDs with a CRI of > 96, and special requirements were also placed on the housing design, as the customer’s special assembly requirements had to be taken into account. In addition, the viewer had to take into account that the optical sense of space could not be disturbed by light strips running transversely to the viewing direction and that the luminaires therefore had to be specially glare-free. After previously requested companies were not able to present a satisfactory solution, Ambright was commissioned shortly before the opening – there were only four weeks between commissioning and implementation. The installation on site took place within one night on all four floors of the building.

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